Italy - A Fantastic Journey ****


Another Road Bikes Tours Italy adventure, this time from Sienna to Assisi. Due to trains from Rome not directly linking with Sienna on weekends, we departed from our train in Florence  and were collected by Luca and his cousin Richi who had taken over from Michalia as driver and mechanic. We met the other five riders who were joining us for this tour and our first get to know you activity was a bus trip to a nearby venue for dinner. Unfortunately one of the five did not want to join in with the group and this was to be the pattern for the week. We were provided with Giant TSR road bikes and over the corse of the week we were faced with long rides, some with steep climbs, lots very ordinary roads with multiple pot holes and some amazing sights. The climbs were on very hot days and twice my partner and I decided to finish the climbs in the bus. With temperatures over 30 degrees and 6-15% climbs we again were thinking about what it would take for us to complete rides with the group. This highlight of the week was the visit to hilltop town of Civita di Bagnoregio, with amazing sights, a wonderful dinner and a welcome break from cycling. All up a week of highs and lows, but a tour with lots of potential for the very fit or with e bike assistance. Good hotels, nice meals and wines made for a mostly enjoyable week.