Italy - Po River by bike and barge *****


In 2013 we booked two European bike and barge tours with Rad & Reisen. The first was along the Po River in Italy.  Over the course of a week we travelled from Venice to Mantua which is situated In the Po Valley.  We were on another Ave Maria, but this one was newer and larger and we managed to book a superior double cabin on the main deck. The room was spacious and well set out and the boat was a delight to travel on, with the only downside being the internet connection would often drop out at the most inconvenient times.  Our guide Martina was superb, as was the crew on the boat.  Food was fabulous, touring was superb and we had a great group on the tour. Our bikes were provided by the tour operator,. Girolibero, and were step through hybrids which proved perfect for the mostly flat terrain we rode along.