What type of cyclist are you? Throughout this web page you will find references to the six descriptions of riding experience below.  If you need reminding what the reference number(s) mean, you can just click on reference to come back to the description below.  

Please note that I have used metric distances and speeds throughout this site, so if you are more familiar with imperial settings the rough conversion rates are 1m = 1.01yds & 1kph = 0.62mph. 

  1. Have never cycled but would like to start.
  2. Cycled when I was younger, but it's been several years since I last rode.
  3. I am a rider, but only casually with a limit of 5 to 10 km at a time.
  4. I am a keen rider without being serious. I often ride once a week with a maximum distance of 30 to 50 km.
  5. I am a keen rider who rides 2 to 3 times a week, with average rides of 30 to 60 km at a time.
  6. I am a very keen rider rider who not only rides as per 5 above, but I also belong to a casual cycling group and we ride together once a week or more, including occasionally participating in organised riding events over several days.

Of course there are many variations on the above, but I hope the six categories cover the majority of older riders visiting this site. Of course I will add more categories if significant numbers of readers fall into them.